How do i know if my child's speech and language is normal?

There is a typical range of development with regard to the acquisition of speech and language skills, and specific skills and behaviors that are expected given a child’s age.  A Certified Speech and Language Pathologist who works specifically with children has specialized training in these areas, and can help you to determine if your child is on target.

What causes a speech or language problem?

There are many reasons why speech and language acquisition can be problematic.  While the exact cause may not be known, some of the more common reasons can include significant early medical history, early occurring or frequent ear infections, and a family history for speech, language or learning challenges.

Will my child catch up on his own?

Yes and no. It is typical for a child to show signs of spontaneous remediation, but the gains may not be enough to completely close the gap between what your child can do and what is expected for his age or grade level.  Most children can do many things well, when it comes to speech, language and learning.  Your child may benefit from specialized programming to catch up on the areas that are falling behind.


Does my doctor need to refer me to your practice?

While many Pediatricians and other professionals regularly refer to our practice, it is not necessary to have a referral in order to be seen. We keep all information confidential, and are happy to share evaluation reports or therapy progress if you desire.

When will I see improvement?

Most parents report seeing progress within the first month or two of being seen. This is the benefit of private practice. If for some reason, your child is not progressing at a rate that we would expect, we will talk with you about other possibilities, including a possible referral to another specialist if needed.

Are there things I can do to speed up my child's progress?

Yes! Helping your child to succeed includes working closely with you and other professionals of your choosing. Families are given activities, games, resources, and other materials in order to expedite treatment gains.

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